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Pictures of Seychelles  

Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 islands, situated in the indian ocean and attached to Africa.
All the islands are grouped as a state and Mahe is its main island.

Situation of the villa in Praslin
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The first to visit the archipelago were probably arab vendors, but the first writings were made by portugues explorers in 1505.
They described the arab sellers.
Between Africa and Asia, the islands were used by pirates before the arrival of the french, who settled on it in 1756.

The new settlers called the islands " Seychelles " in honnour of Jean Moreau de Séchelles, who was a general controler of the french state.

In 1814, after the napoleon wars, the islands became a part of the english crown.

Seychelles is an independent state since 1976 and member of both the commonwealth and the francophonie.

Praslin is the second important island of the Seychelles archipelago (38 km²). It is situated 44 km at the north of Mahé, the main island and 6500 people live on it.
The main villages are Cote d'Or et Grand Anse.

The island is particularly famous for its wonderful beaches and its Vallee de Mai, botanical reserve, where many endemic plants grow and classified World Humanity Heritage by UNESCO in 1983.

The island was first named "Isle des Palmes" by the french explorer Lazare Picault in 1744.
It was used by that time as a hiding place by pirates and arab sellers.
It was renamed "Praslin" in 1768, the name of a french governor César Gabriel de Choiseul, duke ofPraslin.

The climate is healthy and many tropical diseases such as malaria and yellow fever are unknown.
Vaccinations are unnacessary.
March and April are the hottest months but shade temperature seldom exceed 30 ° and during the coolest months of July and August may drop ti as low as 21 °.

Praslin is known for its wonderful beaches and its Valle de Mai, but visitors will also appreciate local food, music and dances which will give your hollidays a nice and tropical perfume.

We thank you for your visit and
hope to have the pleasure to welcome you soon in the Praslin Museum, in Seychelles

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