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Bourgeois, poisson réputé des Seychelles

A unique kitchen...

We are proud to have the only traditional kitchen still in operation in the Seychelles.

At REDSNAPPER cafeteria, the familiar sound of traditional live music such as sega, moutya, paired with an island organic cocktail will surely put you in the island spirits and will bring you a taste of the Seychelles island and its lovely poeple.


This is the  ONLY KIND OF RESTAURANT on the island  that  works  absolutely   with a  variety  of fresh products. 

"There is no love sincerer than the love of traditional and organic food."

We are the first agro-tourism concept in Seychelles. Dining are prepared in cast-iron and served in half cut coco de mer, our endemic palm and the biggest nut in the world.  
An experience not to be miss.
Our organic spices from the garden give you the real taste of Seychellois cuisine.
We have a wide selections  of organic beverages.
Witness how to tap palm wine, and a glass of palm wine will surely bring you to the dance floor  to participate in the traditional live entertainment.  

We serve fresh REDSNAPPER, one of the most sought-after fish in the Seychelles. All the ingredients we use are organically grown.

Some of the traditional dishes on the menu include:

  • Grilled REDSNAPPER
  • REDSNAPPER curry with fresh coconut milk and cinnamon leaves
  • REDSNAPPER with tropical fruits
  • REDSNAPPER with Palm wine

We also make a variety of salad such as mango salad, millionaires salad, papaya chutney, smoke fish salad

Dessert: Tropical fruits, and an assortment of Ice cream including coconut and mango

After dinner you will be treated to a variety of herbal tea in the garden and take part in the entertainment.

Restaurant Hours

Monday - Sunday: 1200 - 1400hrs   & 1830 - 2200hrs

  • Live traditional music entertainment from Monday to Sunday, for 19 h to 22 h
  • Client partake in entertainment
  • Traditional cooking lessons